Thursday, September 20, 2007


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Medical Massage For Lower Back Disorders

Pain Down The Leg

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Methods Logo

Positional Release by Real Bodywork

Gluteus Medial Release

Mobilizing Joints affected by the QL - Massage Therapy Less

Introduction to Rolfing - CMS

CMS - Introduction to Massage Therapy

Full back massage

Swedish Back Massage- Effleurage/Petrissage - Health-Choices

Trigger Point Therapy (Part 3)

Trigger Point Therapy (Part 2)

Trigger Point Therapy (Part 1)

Upper Traps Trigger Point - Massage Therapy Lesson

Mulligan Home Exercise :: Principles of Self-Treatment

Mulligan Home Exercise :: Lumbar Self SNAG with Belt :: Ext

Mulligan Taping Techniques :: Tennis Elbow

Mulligan Taping Techniques :: Inversion Ankle Sprain

Mulligan Taping Techniques :: Principles

Mulligan Home Exercise :: Shoulder MWM

Shoulder Strengthing - Scapation

Range of Motion Arm Circle Exercise for Physical Therapy

Medical Massage Techniques

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome DVD

Fragments of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage to the Lower Back Using the Elbow

How to Massage the Back of the Foot : Deep Tissue Massage

How to Massage the Outside of the Leg Using a Forearm

Learn How to Massage

How to Massage the Achilles Tendon

Ulnohumeral Joint Glide Mobilization

Nerve Mobilization by Real Bodywork

Beginning Myofascial Release with Real Bodywork

Advanced Myofascial Release by Real Bodywork

Massage 11 - Myofascial Release


This blog site is created to serve as a compilation point for videos I find which demonstrate different methods/skills which are typically used by therapists during rehabilitation of patients recovering from orthopedic injuries. Please feel free to make suggestions regarding each technique demonstrated. A dialog regarding best practices would be great. I also hope you will send me suggestions for other videos to post as you discover them yourselves.